Incenteev - Manage your teams through change


Engage your employees into a fulfilling work experience and accelerate your organization even remotely.

Incenteev - Manage your teams through change
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Align your team and processes for growth

Accelerate the onboarding of new recruits

40% of employees are considering quitting their job in the next 6 months. (McKinsey&Co, 2021)

Make onboarding a team matter and dramatically reduce employee turnover.

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Accelerate the adoption of digital tools like Salesforce

The proper adoption of the CRM is one of the Top 5 priorities of sales leaders.
Accelerate the use of your strategic tools and maximize your ROI.

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Energize your operational excellence program

43% of Sales Reps do not reach their quotas (Source : étude McKinsey).

Engage your team with digital gamification on collaborative learning, great execution and continuous improvement and reach new levels of performance.

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Engage your teams for a product launch or a strategic project

76% of new product launches fail in the first year (Source: Nielsen Institute, 2014).

Prepare and embark your teams for the success of your next launch.

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Transform your network of Partners into a growth engine.

The digital is deeply transforming the relationship with your distribution network.

Make your partners your best brand ambassadors.

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Develop agile rituals and coaching

Regular coaching increase team productivity by 17% (Source : Andris A. Zoltner)

Equip your managers with the best tools to coach their team in the office or in remote.

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Our commitments

66% of transformation projects do not achieve their objectives. (Gartner, 2018)

Are your teams ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow? Let’s talk about it!

Our customers testify

Our history is written alongside our customers.
For 10 years, many innovative companies have trusted us to achieve their transformation objectives and to guide their teams towards success. They tell us why.

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91% of companies are in the process of modifying their work processes.

  • Change is accelerating
  • Teams have a hard time adjusting to the new context and productivity is declining
  • Remote management is the new norm

Incenteev gives your teams the agility they need for tomorrow’s challenges : Onboard, train, pilot, evaluate and coach for growth in a context of continuous change.

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