Sales 2.0


Want to know how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform your sales organization?

In this guide, you will discover:

  • A concise overview of how companies are already adopting AI in their business strategy.
  • An expert’s perspective on the human’s role in the future of sales.
  • 5 sales technologies to boost your sales organization using Artificial Intelligence.
  • The reasons why you should not fear integrating AI into your company.

Reading extractMore data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race, writes Bernard Marr in his latest book, “Data Strategy.” In an interview with McKinsey & Company, Rajat Monga, Engineering Director at TensorFlow (Google) says: “AI is going to be part of nearly every application we’ll have around us. It’s going to be part and parcel of everything we’ll do, just like the Internet has changed things.”

The amount of data has increased exponentially, especially in marketing and sales. The user has become more and more transparent, offering an extremely precise customer profile with a traceable digital footprint that shows wishes and needs.

For sales, this data volume brings the great opportunity of being able to adapt to customers’ needs more precisely than ever before. But amid this large amount of data, humans are no longer in a position to analyze all possible patterns. Artificial Intelligence makes this, and much more, possible in a fraction of the time previously required.

In recent years, the number of AI tech companies has grown exponentially in various fields: robotics and autonomous vehicles, medical diagnosis, natural language processing, and operational efficiencies with the development of the Internet of Things. From GAFA tools (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), to startup technologies like Einstein, Nudge, Troops, Incenteev (yes, that’s us!) and DATAlovers, among many others.

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