Sales Productivity


We’re here to help you kick-start that amazing transformation. Your eBook is broken into five parts:

Part I: Motivating to Maximize
Part II: Motivating to Retain
Part III: Motivating… How?
Part IV: Motivating in Practice (Case Study)
Part V: Ready to Motivate

While this concise guide is designed to launch your sales force’s journey to indispensable, know that many of the
same principles, strategies, and tactics can be applied to other departments. Treat it as an introduction to the
mindset your people need to succeed. What follows is up to you. Let’s get started.

Reading extractWe drive to the office in a 2017 sedan, whip out an iPhone 7, and settle into work like our grandfathers. While tools and technologies have come a long way since the 20th century, the mindset to maximize them has not. For the most part, companies are going about business as usual. The biggest contrast you’ll find is often the color palette on the break room 4K TV.

These additions are useful, but without a greater transformation for context, they remain just that—useful. Pair them with cutting-edge management, however, and your employees thrive. Most unproductivity can be traced back to a lack of motivation, which in turn traces back to mismanagement. That’s a good thing: the path to record sales starts with you.

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