24 April 2018


Delphine Duclos


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The sales world has gone digital. But AI and every other tech acronym has only made emotional intelligence and the human connection more imperative.

Your role as an executive—whether CEO, CTO, or CMO—is to navigate your organization through these uncharted waters. The digital transformation is forcing everyone, from the C-Suite to middle management to reps themselves, to master the new tools at their disposal. It is blurring the lines between previously distinct roles. And, perhaps most importantly, it is empowering sellers to adapt to the demands of consumers at record pace.

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The sales leaders of the future do not avoid technology but wield it to enhance people, beginning with their employees. A research initiative spanning 1770 managers, 14 countries, and 37 executives revealed that the majority of managers’ time was consumed by administrative tasks—the same tasks automation is designed to tackle. 86% of managers wantedAI to assume that chunk of responsibility, freeing them to excel in areas machines cannot.

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Source: HBR

Your sales force is asking for the tools. Are you providing?

The path to a quota-crushing sales organization starts with you. Individual motivators and predictive KPIs will be the cornerstones of your transformation. Arm your company with the right processes and systems, and unleash the full potential of your sales network.


A US President once said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of an organization and forget to stop and reflect on the big picture. When is the last time you picked up a book or high-quality publication to reinforce your corporate strategy? Dive deeper with these curated C-Suite readings:

I. Lead and Customer Nurturing

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2. How many touch points to generate a sales lead? (Salesforce)

3. Sales-marketing alignment guide (HubSpot)

4. Optimal lead response time (HubSpot)

5. Implementing NPS (Net Promoter Network)

II. Employee Nurturing

1. Sales rep ineffectiveness (HubSpot)

2. The “Flip Manifesto” on leadership (Dan Pink)

3. The impact of sales turnover (CSO Insights)

4. The importance of face-to-face meetings (Forbes)

III. Organizational Change

1. Creating a thriving workplace (HBR)

2. Linking workplace flexibility to performance (HBR)

3. The 1% rule for massive change (World Economic Forum)