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24 February 2023


Anthony Donabedian


8 AI tools to improve your productivity

On February 16th, many of you attended our Masterclass on the applications of artificial intelligence for sales and marketing. We suggest you go further with our selection of tools to improve your performance and productivity as well as those of your teams!

Our selection for you :

  • Time management

This tool integrates with your project management software and automatically records your activity during a working day to get a clear picture of the time spent on each task and better organize your time. It can also be used for billing the time dedicated to each project.

Notion AI
  • Memo taking, database, Kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders

Notion AI is the latest Notion innovation that is now automatically integrated into the online platform with tools for automatic content generation, translation, summarization and table creation.

  • Management, classification and support of email writing

This solution increases the productivity of your email writing and reduces the average processing time through AI. The algorithm proposes the most appropriate answer based on previous answers, FAQs and frequently asked questions. In addition, it classifies emails according to the subject matter and the perceived tone and organizes them according to defined criteria before forwarding them to the appropriate agent. It integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Google as well as with all major support and ticketing platforms such as Zendesk, ServiceNow and Salesforce

Logo AI
  • Logos maker

Online platform for logo creation. All you have to do is insert the name and slogan of the company to get in return a series of different logos generated by the AI representing your idea. You can choose the style, design and color or add elements as you like, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Spelling mistakes correction, wording improvement

Extension that activates when writing an email, word documents or simply posts on LinkedIn. Not only does the application detect spelling and syntax mistakes and suggest solutions, but it also indicates how the tone of your message will be perceived by the addressee. You can also define standards in your company’s communication. Grammarly comes in two forms: an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers or a module for Microsoft Word and Outlook.
French equivalent : MerciApp

  • Music composer

This online platform allows the composing of customized music based on the selected genres. You can create jingles for your company in a few minutes, you simply select your favorite genres to get different demos that you can customize directly on the platform and compose the musical identity of your brand.

  • Video maker

Creating a video ad has never been easier! The algorithm of this online platform only needs the name of your company to search and integrate your videos and photos into a 6, 15 or 30 second video that you can then modify by changing all the elements as you please.

  • Audio to text converter

A platform that automatically converts audio and video into text in over 38 languages.
Adopted by tech leaders like Microsoft, Google or Adobe, Sonix is both an internal tool for documenting meetings and organizing files and a marketing tool for subtitling and automated video translation. Sonix has its equivalent for customer appointments, Zoominfo Sales, which integrates with your CRM. Sonix integrates deeply with storage and sharing, search, multimedia and web conferencing software.

Watch the Masterclass of Ider Oudad on AI on our Youtube channel :