Digital Transformation, Enhanced Productivity


14 September 2017


Delphine Duclos


Although the increasing presence of technology in our lives may conjure up dystopian images of our future selves wired into virtual reality simulators, the reality of the exponential development of mobile technology is not something to fear, but to anticipate with excitement at the coming of each new innovation.

The past thirty years have seen an explosion in mobile technology, and have put a personal computer vastly more powerful than those of NASA 60 years ago in the hands of every working professional, whilst the internet has allowed for instantaneous contact between any two people. Today, the internet has proven to benefit business in a multitude of ways, despite skeptics at the time of its inception predicting its eventual demise. We take for granted the immense capabilities of the internet and mobile technology, but it’s high time your business began exploiting all they have to offer.

We have come a long way from the days of emails and desktop platforms: 50% of all time spent on devices is on mobile applications alone, and that number is even higher for those aged 18-35. Further still, a TIME poll in 2012 concluded that 84% of people can’t go a single day without their phone. This is not proof of an endemic problem, but instead of an opportunity to exploit the developing medium to your business’s strength, playing to the benefit of both employees and customers.

Statistics have shown how mobile technology significantly improves productivity in the workplace, which is due to a number of factors:

Increasing availability

Mobile phones empower your employees to work at their own convenience remotely, wherever they may find themselves.

Enhanced portability

Gone are the days of having bulky, immobile desktop computers in office spaces. Instead, either laptops or tablets have made for cheaper, more convenient replacements. Moreover, files these days are digitized and allow for an infinite amount of data to be carried with ease.

Global growth

With the rapid expansion of modern businesses across borders, technology helps the step-up to transnational status. Mobile tech can help by making client and employee data accessible from across the globe, keeping you and your employees up to date with company statistics.


Not only does mobile tech allow for increased availability, portability, and growth, but also gives enterprises the chance to take advantage of custom applications that are tailored to their needs. Amongst the respondents of a recent CITO Research study, 30% said apps improve business processes, and 20% said it gave them a competitive edge. It was also found that enterprise apps have been shown to increase productivity in the workplace by as much as 40%. Mobile apps are therefore not only an essential way of boosting your workforce’s productivity and organization, but also a way of strengthening links between employees, fostering a competitive mindset and increasing employee satisfaction.

But the ways in which mobile tech can streamline a business do not even stop there: as mobile work styles are adopted, the physical workspace decreases dramatically. The average organization already has just 7 desks for every 10 employees and 91% of organizations either have or plan to have a mobile work style implemented in future. Sophisticated mobile platforms both organize workforces and construct a framework for gamification to be implemented in the workspace. Gamification is also proven to boost worker productivity and encourage a competitive mindset, which itself drives results.

The power of mobile technology in both social and professional environments is undeniable. Most of us cannot live without it and our lives will only become more dependent on it in future. It’s time to take full advantage of what modern technology has to offer. 

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