"We have gained both internal efficiency, and the ability to quickly engage our partner network"

Edouard Ibled

Sales Director @ Gazprom

Reading extract

How to successfully on-board new employees and learn on a daily basis?

Over the past 20 years, digitalization has taken place in all departments of companies, from marketing to sales and even human resources. Now, companies are interested in the digitalization of management. But while the pace of transformation has increased tenfold in 20 years, there are warning signs that should not be ignored. Firstly, for the past 20 years, consulting firms have been accompanying the transformation of companies at every turn, yet only 30% have achieved convincing results due to a lack of appropriation on the ground. Secondly, for the past 10 years, well before the COVID crisis, CSO Insight has been warning that the performance figures per sales person are declining year after year. So how do you keep salespeople engaged and performing, let alone remotely?

The rapid development of total or partial telecommuting in organizations is forcing the reinvention of many management processes and methods. Today, working remotely for 2 or 3 days a week is becoming the norm and it is likely to become a habit beyond the health crisis. But when telecommuting becomes the norm, how do we rethink remote management? In particular, the integration of new employees, which is already a delicate issue in the office, can become a real challenge when done remotely. The figures speak for themselves: 88% of employees feel that they received a poor quality onboarding and 28% leave their position within the first 6 days.

However, when Incenteev, the leading change management platform, and the French subsidiary of Gazprom, the world’s leading gas producer and exporter, co-build an onboarding program, success is guaranteed! For nine years, Gazprom has been developing its practice, which is now as successful in the classroom as it is remotely: 48 well-marked stages in one year, during which the newcomer is trained in a fun way with the benevolent support of various intermediaries such as the HR department, the manager and his peers.

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