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Solutions don't have to be.


Make work a game, not a war.

Happy teams make happy customers.


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Your motivation goes where you go.


Bond with your team.

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2010: Roland Massenet, former VP Sales at Dell, noticed a phenomenon. Traditional management techniques in his 50-person sales team were becoming less efficient.

As his sales reps spent exponentially more time with their eyes glued to their smartphones, they grew frustrated with the lack of access to their business tools and metrics on-the-go.

Then Roland met a digital native—Simon Vandendriessche—who believed that businesses needed to reinvent their established practices to adapt to the future of sales. He was convinced that new mobile technologies could help these companies bridge the generational gap.

A few coffees (and a beer or two) later, they defined their vision: develop the first application of its kind to help managers coach their sales teams like professional athletes. Incenteev was born.

Compelled by their belief in technology's power to drive organizational change, Christophe Coevoet joined their mission to lead the development of the Incenteev platform. The founding team was assembled. Today, their vision touches the lives of thousands of users worldwide.