Incenteev - Manage your team through change

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Incenteev empowers your team to adapt and win in the major transformations of markets.

Incenteev - Manage your team through change

Engage your team with more autonomy

Employees are 13% more productive when working remotely! (Stanford, 2013). Develop the skills of your managers so that they can adapt to this new context.

Newrest Wagons-Lits and the SNCF are digitally transforming the field teams in the Inoui TGV bars by deploying the Incenteev platform. “We have regained strong growth and strengthened sustainable bonds with our 1,500 employees”.

Modules deployed: Expert Hub, Coaching Rituals, Real-time Monitoring

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Benefits for SNCF Inoui

Accelerate the onboarding and build loyalty of your new recruits

Gazprom is completely rethinking its onboarding path by relying on our digital platform.

“We have designed a fun, fast-paced program for our employees that allows them to assimilate knowledge more quickly and retain our new recruits more effectively”. Edouard Ibled, Sales Director Gazprom Energy France

Modules deployed: Hybrid e-Learning Paths, Coaching Rituals, Expert Hub

Modules deployed: Hybrid learning paths, Coaching rituals, Expert Hub

Benefits for Gazprom

Energize your operational Excellence Program

Thanks to its new sales excellence program, GAN Prévoyance is boosting the sales performance of 550 agents by 73%.

Modules deployed: Real-time monitoring, Gamified goals, Expert Hub, Hybrid learning paths.

Benefits for Gan-Prévoyance

Speed the uptake of your strategic tools like Salesforce

Orange customizes Salesforce deployment and training for each of its 12 B2B business lines representing 2,500 people.

Modules deployed: Hybrid learning paths, Coaching rituals, Expert Hub

Benefits for Orange

Engage your network and transform partners into ambassadors for your brand

SAGE is revamping the management of its channel network as a strategic growth initiative.

“The members of our network contribute to the development of our brand and to nearly 80% of our turnover”.

Modules deployed: Gamified goals, Real-time monitoring

Benefits for Sage

Develop and deploy management behaviors and processes that makes your organization more agile.

Groupama-Gan empowered field managers to become coaches for their team, helping all employees harness change and new productivity goals.

Modules deployed: Coaching rituals, Expert Hub

Benefits for Gan Prévoyance

Engage your teams around a product launch or strategic project

As part of the launch of a new product in 14 countries, HENKEL is setting up a specific program to train and mobilize their sales teams to ensure the success of this highly strategic launch.

Modules deployed: Hybrid Learning Path, Expert Hub

Benefits for Henkel