Incenteev - Manage your team through change

We help companies to make their teams happy and fulfilled.

Incenteev - Manage your team through change

Our mission: Help Managers grow their teams agile and happy.

We strongly believe that companies that make their employees happy are more successful, and that social and economic progress go together inseparably.

Our ambition:
To design the leading platform for managerial innovation in order to take your teams on the road to growth.

Our commitment to a better society

We strongly believe that business has a key role to play in collective progress. To this end, we collaborate with associations whose values we share: our Open Source community, Le Réseau Entreprendre, the Entourage/LinkedOut association, Les Petits Frères des Pauvres.

We promote and support all the initiatives of our employees who want to get involved in their community. In order to frame this action, we wish to include this desire for impact in our statutes to become a benefit corporation.

Our values

Key figures


The story

In 2010, while Roland Massenet was developing a telecom operator, he noticed that his usual management methods (emails, meetings, monitoring of objectives) seemed less effective. His sales people, working remotely, spend more and more time on their smartphone, complaining that they can’t access their results at all times.

Roland then met Simon, a digital native, convinced that management practices must reinvent themselves to adapt to new generations of employees. Christophe then joined the duo to take charge of the platform’s development. The team of founders is complete to start the adventure.

From a leading platform in sales force engagement in 2015, Incenteev has naturally evolved towards new digital management tools and practices and now supports large companies in change management, at all hierarchical levels, in the office or at home, and for all business lines of the organization. Incenteev’s mission has never been more meaningful than it is today with the upheaval of telework and remote management.

The Executive team

Roland Massenet
Roland MassenetCEO and co-founder, carries Incenteev's vision and values.
Roland began his career in consulting at McKinsey, then founded and sold two technology start-ups. Roland enjoys opera, triathlon and open water swimming.

Digital has the power to help people be happy in their work.

Christophe Coevoet
Christophe CoevoetCTO and co-founder, is the warrant of the scalability and security of the platform.
Christophe is a member of the Symfony core team, and an accomplished chorister.

I like to design and develop applications that are here to last. The quality of what we build is my first driver.

Saousan El Akel Tagemouati
Saousan El Akel TagemouatiHR Director, is responsible for recruitment and the growth of a high performance team.
Saousan managed the human resources of a telecom operator until it was sold to the Bouygues group.

I like to support employees in their personal development, centred around a culture that we build together.

The ‘Incenteevers’ Culture !

Our ambition is to empower every employee each day in their job, make them live a fruitful and intense experience. We want to reconcile happiness at work with our business objectives: to be happier and to perform better. For us, one doesn’t go without the other. We advocate diversity and inclusion.

We design what we are.
We are what we design.

Life at Incenteev