Incenteev - Manage your team through change

Manage your back office in full control

Launch and monitor your programs simply and easily.

Incenteev - Manage your team through change

Getting started is a no-brainer

The platform has been designed to make administrators’ experience simple and seamless. They are provided with a configuration cockpit offering them full autonomy in the configuration of paths and workflows.

They can also easily customize the user interface to match your company’s identity.

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The pros of using Incenteev platform

Manage all your profiles and authorizations

A highly granular and customizable engine enables you to accurately and quickly replicate your organization’s hierarchy, so you can easily navigate through teams and define access and rights for all functionalities.

The pros of using Incenteev platform

Easily integrate your data and tools with our platform

The platform integrates smoothly and transparently with your various tools and data to provide users with a seamless experience.

We offer many options for data upload/export: API, FTP, Email, Native integration with SalesForce…

The pros of using Incenteev platform

Native Salesforce integration

Integrations & technical partners

Mobile platform

All the performance metrics of your teams at your fingertips!

The Incenteev platform is available on Android, iOS & desktop. Get all the useful information across your different devices, whenever you need, wherever you go.

The pros of using Incenteev platform

Our platform speaks several languages

Our multilingual platform is available in 9 languages at the choice of each user.

  • French, English, German

  • Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

  • Russian, Bulgarian, Greek

The pros of using Incenteev platform

Cybersecurity and compliance are at the heart of our concerns.

Incenteev complies with GDPR standards, and has chosen a data center located in Europe, more precisely in Germany.

We perform regular intrusion tests and the security of our infrastructure is continuously tested according to the standards of our most demanding customers: Pharmaceutical labs, banks and insurance companies.

The pros of using Incenteev platform