Incenteev - Manage your team through change

The Sales Acceleration Platform

Unleash the power of teams to accelerate your sales organization.

Incenteev - Manage your team through change

Engage your team for onboarding and upskilling and reinforce the sense of belonging.

Leverage the collective expertise each time you need to upskill your team : Deployment of a new tool, onboarding of newcomers, or new product launch.

  • Progressive training paths customized to the needs of each employee.
  • Combined learning content (quiz, video, documents, web page…) and mission content (objective, task, action…)
  • Each manager can monitor the progress of his team.

Benefits of the Incenteev platform

Launch challenges that engage ALL participants and reinforce collaboration and team spirit.

Customize ready to use challenge mechanics according to your needs and focus your team on their key objectives:

  • Team, individual or charity challenges
  • Quantitative and qualitative objectives
  • Real-time ranking on your smartphones
  • Integrated management of endowments with over 700 brands
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Benefits of the Incenteev platform

Engage your teams and accelerate your growth
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Develop new habits of collaborative coaching and a mindset of continuous improvement.

Reinforce the impact of management rituals and offer your team an opportunity to improve together.

  • Streamlined action plans for each employee: objectives, missions, actions…

  • Tailored individual and collective progress monitoring
  • Shared history of notes taken from one appointment to another

Benefits of the Incenteev platform

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Follow the progress of your team in real time and quickly identify new growth opportunities.

From your desktop or smartphone :

  • Access to aggregated or detailed results at each level of the hierarchy
  • Comparison between teams, regions, employees
  • Customized view for each manager on key indicators for his team

Benefits of the Incenteev platform

Ready-to-use connectors

Centralize winning methodologies and best practices identified in the field.

Facilitate the dissemination of expertise and encourage sharing between team members:

  • Streamlined and mobile access to collective resources

  • Streamline feedbacks from the field : best practices, competitive intelligence and success stories

  • Information is indexed and stored in dedicated thematic folders

Benefits of the Incenteev platform