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Incenteev - Manage your team through change

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Incenteev has been instrumental in the success of our launch in 14 countries.
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Incenteev is an extremely effective, simple and fun application.

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Gazprom accelerates the on-boarding of its new employees

Incenteev and GAZPROM are jointly building a one-year onboarding programme consisting of 48 steps. The new recruits are trained in a fun and rhythmical way by following the programme and with the support of the HRD, the manager and their peers.
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Gan-Prévoyance boosts its commercial excellence programme

Incenteev and Gan-Prévoyance are working together to create a tailor-made scheme aimed at strongly increasing sales productivity. Thanks to performance objectives that can be consulted at any time and updated in real time, more smooth communication and an evolving role as a local manager, GAN PREVOYANCE has transformed its sales management and achieved a spectacular increase in productivity.

Newrest transforms the remote management of TGV baristas

In 2017 Newrest-Wagon-Lits, Europe’s leading railway catering company, wins the concession for SNCF bars. The SNCF has just begun its digital transformation, but its 1,300 barista teams work alone, with frequent rotations between stations and trains throughout the country and sliding timetables. Thanks to the sharing of best practices on the hub-experts, dashboards that can be consulted at a glance, and the transformation of the role of the manager into manager-coach, Newrest has succeeded in its transformation towards remote management.

Orange accelerates the implementation of strategic tools

Orange wanted its 2,500 sales staff to quickly take full use of Salesforce’s functionality. Convinced that the adoption of a new CRM was a real change management process, the company created with Incenteev a learning and fun path to help employees progress on a daily basis.

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Sage France commits its network of partners to make them allies in its growth.

Sage France has strengthened the commitment and productivity of its partner network to make it a strategic growth driver. At the end of joint design and strategy workshops, the Sage France and Incenteev teams defined the objectives of the annual event with challenges by group and targeted performance indicators.

Groupama Gan develops new agile rituals for its manager coaches

To support the teams’ skills development, Gan-Prévoyance’s local managers are changing their stance and becoming coach-managers. The new Coach manager feature available on the platform enables managers to have a global view of coaching sessions (past and future) and the follow-up of action plans built with their employees directly on the platform.