SNCF - Newrest Wagons-Lits




"This is the best managerial experience of my career!"

Benoît Vignon

CEO @ SNCF - Newrest Wagons-Lits

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How to engage a network of 1500 salespeople in a remote management revolution?

Every year, companies invest considerable resources in digital and organizational transformation projects, yet in 63% of cases, these projects do not achieve their objectives due to a lack of ownership on the ground*.
This figure is not inevitable, as demonstrated by the solution INCENTEEV provided to its client NEWREST-WAGON-LITS. By successfully engaging a network of 1,500 on-board sales representatives working alone and dispersed on hundreds of trains throughout the country, a real remote managerial revolution has taken place.

Thanks to the INCENTEEV change management platform, not only did NEWREST-Wagon-Lits exceed its commercial objectives with +13% in sales and its qualitative objectives with +6 points in customer satisfaction in just a few months, but the entire management was digitized and radically modernized with the full support of everyone.
Discover the secrets of this revolution…

NEWREST-Wagon-Lits is one of the four entities of the NEWREST Group, a French success story with a consolidated turnover in 2017-2018 of 1,357.6 billion Euros.

NEWREST-Wagon-Lits is the European leader in rail catering. The company offers a wide range of catering and hotel services for day and night trains: bar, dining car, seat catering, passenger services, logistics, consulting and technical assistance, etc.
The company’s clients in France include the SNCF (TGV, inOui, Intercités) and internationally the Eurostar company.

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