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Top 8 AI tools to improve your productivity

24 February 2023  |  Anthony Donabedian
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You Can Motivate Your Team By Working On Your Corporate Culture

12 October 2019  |  Delphine Duclos

Experts, scholars and academics of all sorts have been writing countless of articles and publications about…

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“AI cannot substitute managers.” – an exclusive expert interview

2 July 2018  |  Delphine Duclos
Incenteev sits down with Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch, data scientist, management consultant and entrepreneur of diva-e…
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How companies are implementing AI in their management: 8 key numbers

30 May 2018  |  Delphine Duclos



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Sales Executive Coffee Break News – May 2018

30 April 2018  |  Delphine Duclos
Welcome to Executive Coffee Break News: your monthly sales insights, best practices, and executive content… in…
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Sales executive of the future: building an organization to endure

24 April 2018  |  Delphine Duclos

The sales world has gone digital. But AI and every other tech acronym has only…

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