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Supporting managers in their role as coach managers

In 2016, Vanson Bourne conducted a study on business transformation and their vision of the future with over 4,000 global business leaders. The results show that 48% of respondents are unable to describe their industry three years from now*.
The rapid pace of business transformation and a context of deep uncertainty explain the increasing use of coaching. Indeed, since its appearance in the 80’s, coaching is considered as a real development tool for employees and, consequently, a way to develop the company through the continuous improvement of knowledge and practices.
Internally, the role of coach is often devolved to the middle manager who has to fulfill an overwhelming number of missions. At the same time, employees’ expectations are very high, as 62% of French people want to have an “ideal” manager**.

It is therefore imperative to provide your managers with all the necessary keys to meet the following challenges: managing priorities, restoring confidence, reinforcing cohesion and boosting growth. The “manager-coach” concept, designed and implemented by INCENTEEV, the change management platform, for its client GAN PRÉVOYANCE, has proven its effectiveness. The digitization of management rituals is based on the co-construction of an animation plan that can then be implemented simply by the sales managers. The result is more committed employees and a productivity gain of over 10%!