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How to successfully animate your partner network?

BtoB distribution networks are facing major transformations that are disrupting business models, operational processes and productivity requirements. But this context also provides a fantastic opportunity for growth to organizations that know how to adapt. INCENTEEV, the Change Management Platform for commercial organizations, estimates that this growth will reach 40% in 3 years. The main benefits to be reaped are an improvement in productivity per sales person for strategic partners (+15%), greater efficiency in the management of non-strategic partners (+10%), and the acquisition of new partners (+15%).
Distinguish the new challenges of animation for its partners
An exclusive distributor needs to know that he is respected and heard. It is a question of supporting them and making them progress so that they become a real business partner. For a non-exclusive or exclusive reseller on a segment, on the other hand, it is in your interest to have an impact in the short and long term to engage and federate around your brand, but also to stand out. Thus, the quality of your sales challenges will allow you to stand out from your competitors.
Transforming sales challenges with your partners into an effective development lever

INCENTEEV is the change management platform for sales organizations (internal sales forces and external partner networks) that SAGE FRANCE has used to animate its network of distributors. Thanks to INCENTEEV’s expertise, they have co-constructed a program based on the following principles
Focusing the attention of the partners (on their priorities thanks to motivating challenge mechanisms)
Launch and manage challenges simultaneously on the whole population or on targeted partners
Pace the animation with boosting periods
Give everyone the desire to surpass themselves thanks to levels and prizes for each level reached or mixed qualitative/ quantitative challenges
Valorize the best performers every day within their communities!

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